Year 5

Term 5 Tribal Event

Term 5’s tribal event involved a field activity; throwing a rather heavy shot put as far as possible. Each tribe took turns to throw, their distances were then recorded by Lewis and the sports council. The styles of throw differed for each pupil, some decided underarm would be most effective while others opted for an Continue reading

Year 5 Science

Throughout this week,Year 5 have been investigating which milk will stay the freshest for longest; cow’s milk, soya milk or evaporated milk. Using a fair test experiment, the children have recorded their observations daily and used litmus paper to test for any changes in the pH scale. The evaporated milk remained the closest to its Continue reading

Year 5 PE

Lewis put Birch class through their paces during this week’s PE lesson. After explaining and demonstrating the basic rules of tag rugby, Lewis organised the class into four teams and they played a short match. As well as using their physical skills, some members of the class showed their sportsmanship by encouraging others to join Continue reading

Coin Wars in Year 5

A huge thank you for all the donations towards Coin Wars this week! As well as raising an amazing amount of money, all the children had great fun making and measuring their coin snakes. Thank you once again!

Egyptian Sarcophagus

Birch class used their fantastic creative skills today during Design and Technology to create their own amazing Egyptian Sarcophagus!! Some even used ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to create their own names! As you can see, the results were quite impressive 👍🏻

Year 5 Cake Bake!

This morning, Year 5 contributed to Friday’s cake bake sale by making white chocolate cornflake crunchies. As I’m sure you’ll agree, they look rather delicious! A huge thank you to Charlie and Liam for their superb domestic skills when washing up!

Mexican Clay Masks

Year 5 had a fabulous (if rather messy) time preparing their Mexican clay masks for our Express Event next Wednesday afternoon. Manipulating the clay was slightly harder than they first anticipated; the results however were definitely worth the effort! A huge thank you to Mrs Hughes for organising and supplying the equipment.

Mexican Art!

Birch class had an enjoyable afternoon reproducing art work using colours and styles indigenous to Mexico. We learnt why certain colours are frequently used by Mexican artists and why bright blue is also a common colour used within their art.