Year 6

Woodland fun!

Year 6 made the most of  the sunshine and only having 8 members of Team 6 today while taking full advantage of having such an amazing woodland area. They started the morning on a nature walk, collecting things to make a nature picture with and then they made camps using blankets and pegs.

Shared maths

Year 2 and year 6 worked in collaboration this week when taking part in a shared maths lesson. The children had to put their skills of measuring to the test when measuring each other, before halving the measurements and starting to make half size year 6 replicas.

Election Fever Hits Year 6!

The Year 6 election campaign is now well under way! So far, the children have formed 4 political parties: – The BABE party (Building a Better Education) – The BANTA party (Build a New Talented Academy) – The 2cool4school party – The CLA party (Completed Learning Achievements) Each party has designed a logo and these are Continue reading

Back to the Future!

Year 6 put the stress and worry of SATs week behind them today when they were set the challenge to design and build a time machine that one of the year 6 adults could fit inside! Great fun was had by all and the children made some amazing models.

Reward time!

Sycamore class have been working hard and earning lots of achievement points. Jason, Josh and Lee have earned 30 minutes free play and decided 3 heads were better than one when working together to make the highest tower possible. They wouldn’t let Miss Shepherd knock it down though!

Year 5 and 6 Express Event

Wow! Our hall was packed this afternoon for our express event for the term. A huge thank you to everyone that came along to our WW2 street party, in particular the parents that came in costume! The children enjoyed eating their homemade cakes and sandwiches and also played the ‘happy families’ game they had made Continue reading

A Blast from the Past!

Year 6 are finishing their ‘A Child’s War’ project with a WW2 day today. A huge well done to all the children that came to school in costume – you all look amazing! This afternoon we will be having a street party, complete with homemade sandwiches and cakes.

No pens day

Year 6 had to tackle maths (and the whole day!) a bit differently today due to our fist ever whole school ‘no pens day’. Maths involved refining skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through playing board games in groups and also through games on the iPads. Normality will be restored next week when we Continue reading