Year 6


On Friday, Year 6 were given some nets as part of their Maths lesson. Their task was to see if they could transform the nets into 3D Shapes. Above some pictures of their attempts!

Dover Castle

Yesterday, year 5 and 6 visited Dover Castle as part of our topic ‘A Child’s War’. We went into the tunnels which were used to co-ordinate the evacuation of Dunkirk. We had to crack a series of codes and cyphers to identify the name of a spy. We also had a tour of the tunnels Continue reading


Today, 6 lucky children got to work with a Graffiti artist to produce a piece of artwork that will be displayed in Sittingbourne. They planned and sprayed until they had their final piece. Their work will be displayed in the new skatepark by KFC.


This week, we have been converting measures. The children spent a lesson measuring items around the classroom and writing their results in mm, cm & m. Here are photos of them in action.

Minterne 7s

On Saturday, Kemsley participated in the annual Minterne 7s tournament. The team performed fantastically well and managed to win all of their group games without conceding a goal. They defeated Rodmersham 2-0 in the quarter finals, but unfortunately lost to Iwade 1-0 in the semi’s. All boys can be extremely proud of how they played Continue reading