Year R

Keeping warm!

Oak class enjoyed exploring how a polar bear keeps warm on the ice and in cold water. We experimented with different materials to create the same effect as a polar bear’s fur and the layer of fat on its body. Great fun and lots of fantastic thinking skills going on.

Snowman Stories!

This week we have been watching the film “The Snowman” We talked about the story and created a story map to help us to retell the events. We then created our own snowman stories. We thought about where we would go, how we would get there and what we would do there. After illustrating our Continue reading


There was a great atmoshere of positivity and concentration during our learning this morning, prehaps helped by the peppermint oil being gently diffused in the classroom while we were working! Well done Oak class fantastic learning today!

Daily Mile!

This term in Oak class we are inviting our families to join us for a sharing session to keep fit and stay healthy. This week was our first session and we were very pleased to welcome so many parents, who all joined us for the “Daily mile” and then to share a healthy snack of Continue reading

Using the IT suite

This morning Oak class used the IT suite to explore a paint program on the computers. We started to learn how to control a mouse and also how to close a program and shut down the computer. We took it in turns to share the computers and also the ipads. We also learnt some new Continue reading

Dragon stories!

Oak class have been creating their own story book about dragons. We have been telling our own stories and painting pictures of dragons. Here are some of our dragon stories. The dragon tried to eat the little cat. The cat runned away in her little house. Then the dragon squished in the house and the Continue reading