Year R

Oak Class Express!

It all got a bit wet in oak class today as we invited our parents in to help us make plasticine boats that floated. We saw some great determination from both adults and children to mould a boat that floated and it was even better when it kept a bear afloat.   We also enjoyed Continue reading

Super Healthy Express

Reception and Nursery have been learning about being healthy and unhealthy this term. Our parents joined us for a 5-a-day work out and we were able to show them our amazing moves. We all took part in some healthy food making activities. We created our perfect healthy dinner.   We made healthy fruit kebabs. And Continue reading

We love stories!

Today Oak class were lucky enough to be joined by some of their parents to share in lots of different story activities. Over the term we have all been writing Woodland helicopter stories. Where the children tell an adult their story and the adult scribes it word for word. We collected all the stories from Continue reading

We are all musicians!

We had a very exciting visitor on Friday. The Junkman. He let us be really loud and make lots of music, using lots of strange instruments. The flipflopaphone was a favourite by many! We learnt that you can turn anything into a musical instrument and all of us can be fabulous musicians!