Year R


Oak class have really enjoyed their gymnastics sessions this term. Developing our skills for balancing, climbing and creating shapes with our bodies.

Woodland learning!

Despite the cold weather, Oak class have been wrapping up warm and still enjoying their time in the woodland area. This week we have had lots of time to climb, explore and create as well as practising our reading with some secret messages in the woods.

Bird watching!

Oak class enjoyed taking part in the “Big Birdwatch” We researched on the internet to find out about birds and what they like to eat. We then made some binoculars and created a hide in our classroom to watch and wait!

Tribal event

Oak class enjoyed taking part in this terms tribal sporting event and did a great job of jumping in and out of hoops as many times as they could.  Thank you to Mr Driver and our Year 6 tribal leaders for helping us to take part.

Family sharing!

Oak class invited their families into the classroom for the start of our term 3 sharing event.  We performed a song and then retold the story of the 3 Little pigs using actions. We then shared stories (and a biscuit) with our families.