Year R

We are all musicians!

We had a very exciting visitor on Friday. The Junkman. He let us be really loud and make lots of music, using lots of strange instruments. The flipflopaphone was a favourite by many! We learnt that you can turn anything into a musical instrument and all of us can be fabulous musicians!  

Oak class celebrate

  Oak class have ended their first year at school in style with a bouncy obstacle and water slide afternoon and a party. Well done Oak class for a fantastic year, you have all worked so hard and been so well behaved, you deserve all the celebrations you have had this week.

Pancake Day

Oak class had lots of fun celebrating pancake day by having Pancake P.E. where they had to balance a pretend pancake whilst moving in different ways around the apparatus. When we got back to class we wrote about our favourite pancake toppings, then after all that had work we were very lucky to cook our Continue reading