This academic year, 13-14, has seen the launch of Kemsley Primary Academy School Choir. Children from Year 2 to Year 6, joined up and enjoyed singing songs in assemblies, at church services and just for lots of fun.

Mrs Watson is the Choir Mistress, holding after school and lunch time practises. Mrs Slark very kindly helps Mrs Watson with keeping everyone in tune and in time.

KM Walk to School Singers of the Year


Our School Choir took part in the KM competition, the chosen song was S Club 7’s, Reach for the Stars. Extra points were awarded for creativity so Mrs Watson rewrote the lyrics especially for the choir. The track was learnt by our choir and then recorded and sent away for judging.

We are so proud of our choir and their wonderful entry! Please take the time to listen to the performance which was from a recent Celebration Assembly.