Reading Information

Reading at Kemsley

At Kemsley we have a new library which runs down the centre of the school. This ensures that reading is at the heart of learning.

Our Cornerstones curriculum provides a brilliant reading spine which ensures that by year 6 the children have explored in detail, a large number of high quality texts. Every week the cross curriculum topics work alongside text ensuring learning is both deep and broad.

At Kemsley, a variety of reading scheme books are used to target each child’s individual reading need.


Children are taught to read a systematic phonics approach (Letters and Sounds), which begins in year R, through 1-2-1 opportunities to read to an adult, through opportunities to take books home, through guided reading and within class book corners. Further information on phonics can be found through the following websites:

Obb and Bob Phonics Game:

Jolly Phonics Treasure Chest Game:

Children undertake the national phonics screen in June of year 1.  For those children who do not reach the required score, specific support is put in place during year 2 to enable children to catch up. Children that did not reach the required standard at the end of year 1 will resit the test at the end of year 2.

For all questions/information relating to the screening:

Guided Reading

Last year we changed our approach to guided reading to ensure that we are systematically giving children opportunities to develop all aspects of comprehension skills.  A presentation that explains the approach can be downloaded from the menu on the right hand side of the page.

The ‘big ideas’ for reading are also available for download.  Each week the whole school works on a different ‘big idea’ enabling shared discussions and approaches.