Our approach to spellings spans three different approaches:

  1.  Phonics.  First and foremost we believe that good and embedded phonics knowledge underpins all good spelling.  Children learn spelling patterns through the Letters and Sounds programme from Early Years through KS1.
  2.  Spellings teaching.  From year 2 onwards, all children take part in SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) lessons.  Lessons that focus on spellings take place twice a week.  Spellings lessons focus on specific spelling patterns and are based in phonic knowledge wherever possible.
  3.  Individual spellings programme:  We know that children learn spellings and spelling patterns at different speeds.  Our whole school spelling programme enables children to work through spelling lists at their own level.

Further information about our approach to Spellings, the individual spellings programme and information about our new Spelling Bees is available from our download list of documents in the menu on the right.