Total Hours Per Week

The DfE requires: Schools should show the compulsory times they are open. This time runs from the official start of the school day (morning registration) to the official end of the compulsory school day. It includes breaks, but not optional before or after school activities.


Morning registration is at 8.55am (but children can be dropped off from 8.35am).

The end of the day is at 3pm (but children can be picked up until 3.10pm).


Total minimum hours per day – 6 hours 5 minutes

Total minimum hours per week – 30 hours 25 minutes

Please note – in-line with the ‘Schools White Paper – March 2022’ we will be reviewing our hours to ensure that in September 2022 we meet the 32.5 hours per week.


Reception to Year 6


Beginning of the day

Doors open and registration starts at 8.35am.

Classroom doors close at 8.55am and registration ends at 9am.

If you are coming in anytime after 8.55am your child will be late and must go through the main school office to be marked in correctly.


KS1 and KS2 (Years 1 – 6) have a 15 minute break during the morning.


Reception 11.45am-12.30pm

KS1 (Years 1-2) Lunchtime 12pm-1.45pm

KS2 (Years 3-6) Lunchtime 12:15pm-1pm


End of the day

Reception to Year 6 – 3pm-3:10pm

If you arrive after 3.10pm then you are late.  Parents and carers who are persistently late collecting will be contacted.