Communication With Parents


Throughout the school year, we send whole school and class letters and notes home with children for a number of reasons:

  • The Kemsley Courier keeps parents and carers up-to-date events that will happen in school and also shares and celebrates experiences and achievements the children have had. A list of dates and events are included in each letter.
  • Class newsletters share with parents and carers information about their children’s up and coming curriculum content and explain what the children will be learning.
  • Other notes and letters inform parents and carers about trips, opportunities and events, and invite parents into school to share learning experiences with their children or to come along to groups and meetings.

Text Messages

We use our texting facility to remind parents and carers about events and to leave a quick message for a range of reasons. In the event that arrangements in school have to be altered or if the school has to close, the text message service will be used to inform parents of this. This service allows us to keep in regular contact with parents and carers.