Parent Voice

 “Be informed, stay involved and have your say”

What is Parent Voice?

A route through which parents can share their views and ideas with other parents and carers to benefit their children and the school. It enables parents to be involved in the education of their children and to find out more about what is happening within the school.


What are the benefits for parents?

  • Parents/carers have a forum through which they can share ideas, put forward their views and ask questions.
  • Parents/carers have an active involvement within the school, fostering a culture of ownership and participation.
  • Parent Voice can improve the working relationships between the school and parents/carers.

What are the benefits for the school?

  • The school will be able to better understand the views and needs of parents, and address them.
  • Parents contributing their time to the school through ideas and skills can complement the skills of the school staff and governors.
  • Involvement from parents/carers within the decision making of the school improves the education of their children so is beneficial to all.

Parent Voice is organised and attended by parents/carers and the school Pastoral Support Manager, Ms. Ali Crayford.

Meetings are held once a term and minutes published.

The school values the views and opinions of parents/carers – come along to the next meeting to find out more.

Refreshments are always available.

Parent Voice cannot make decisions for the school but has the opportunity to inform the policies and procedures. Parent Voice is a positive forum and will not be a place for individual complaints. So that any suggestions are noted please drop any into the suggestion box in reception. For any more information call Ms Ali Crayford – 07894 237 940