We teach children phonics through the ‘letters and sounds’ programme.  Further information about this programme can be found by following the link below.

What is ‘Letters and Sounds’?

Please see below a list of useful websites for teaching and practising phonics skills:


worksheets for-

– consonant and vowel recognition,

– initial consonant sounds,

– beginning and end blends,

– consonant diagraphs,

– silent letters,

– long vowel sounds,

– Phase 3 and 5 sounds.


a good selection of resources including worksheets and some interactive games. Covers-

– Phase 3 and 5 sounds

– Phase 6 work such as prefixes and suffixes, plurals and tense worksheets.

– extensive list of long vowel worksheets and games such as hangman.


Under word level section of literacy, a good selection of worksheets and powerpoints. Covers-

– Early phonics and alphabet work.

– Phase 6 work (plurals, tenses, prefixes/suffixes etc)

– some phase 3/4/5 sounds.  


mix of very good interactive games and worksheets covering most phonic phases.