Culture week

The week beginning Monday 18th March is ‘Culture week’ at Kemsley (and also at Milton Court).  The week has been organised by Ms Pool and Mr Harwood and the focus is Japan.

The children have been involved in a whole host of activities including workshops focused around Japanese drumming, Karate and a session on meditation run by a Buddhist nun.

As part of the week, the children of both Kemsley and Milton Court have been challenged to make 1000 paper cranes in memory of Sadako.

Sadako was a Japanese girl who was 2 when the Hiroshima bomb was dropped near her home.  Shortly before her death a few years later, she decided to try and make 1000 paper cranes as, in Japan, it is believed that completing this task will bring good luck and health.  Unfortunately Sadako died before she completed her task but ever since, the paper crane has been a symbol of rememberance for all those that are the innocent victims of war.

The children have been busy all week creating as many paper cranes as they can – both big and small!  Mrs Franks in Nursery made one of the tiniest cranes we have seen (shown on the photograph) and we are currently trying to respond to Mr Pearn’s (Asst Head of Milton Court) challenge to make a giant version!


image (3)