Life in Year 5…by Year 5 Pupils

In September 2012 we moved up to year 5 and it was scary for some because we didn’t know what it would be like, but when we got used to year 5 we really liked it. Our teacher Miss Shepherd is really nice; when it comes to learning she is willing to help us in any way she can. Learning can be hard, but mostly really fun.

By Lillie, aged 9.


Year 5 is a fun class full of fun activites. We go on trips and we play fun games. We have been to many places including: Reculver bay for a coastal studies workshop and rockpooling, Horton Kirby for a Victorian Day in full Victorian costume and to Milton Court Academy for a Japanese drumming workshop.

Year 5 has four teachers: Miss Shepherd, Mrs Bond, Mrs Bootes and Mrs Walsh. We are a class that look out for one another.

By Katie , aged 10.


Year 5 is fun and an amazing place to learn. We do many things like go on school trips and play fun activities, we also learn something new everyday. Every lesson is full of fun and challenge.

By Chloe, aged 10.