Did you hear that??

An egg was found by Mrs Andrews when we returned from Christmas break. She wanted us to find out more about it. We had to go on a dino hunt around the school, the clues led us to believe that a dinosaur was on the loose around Kemsley school! We have been looking after the egg ever since and we are beginning wonder if it will ever hatch!

Our learning this term has been amazing, all of us have worked really hard learning lots about dinosaurs. We have measured life sized dinosaurs on the playground, they were massive! We didn’t really think they were as big as they actually were!

We have written amazing poems and have also written fact sheets about different dinosaurs.

Our homework has been fun, making dinosaur masks and creating our own dinosaur has been particularly exciting. Year 2 now has a Madiosaurus and a glitterosaurus to name but a few.

We are now planning to turn Maple class into a museum to exhibit all our fantastic learning. We hope that our parents and friends can visit and share our hard work!