Mini Mudder Mania!

DSCF5028 DSCF5165

On Friday, Year 6 had a fantastic day taking part in our first ever Mini Mudder. We started the day (nice and clean) helping out the younger children find their way around the course. In the afternoon we paired up and raced each other around the course against the timer. A big well done to Lucie who did the course in the fastest time, closely followed by Kian in second place and Grace in third. Even Miss Shepherd, Mrs Teague and Mrs Bond had a go – no one went home clean!

  1. Ellie B says:

    I had a lot if fun on mini mudder i got very muddy and wet but i had fun!

  2. sophie w says:

    I also had a lot of fun at the mini mudder even know I am in year 3 it was very hard to do


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