Helicopter Storytelling and story acting

 The children in Cherry class have been taking inspiration from the time they have been spending in our woodland area when creating stories this term.

Here are some examples of the stories they have been telling, which have also been published on the Helicopter stories website! 


There’s lots of pumpkins and there’s lots of shadows and there was a witch and her broom is sparkly. There was a good witch come and a bad witch come, and the spooky shadows was coming to get the witches. There was one more witch and one more shadow and they all had a tea party.

By Harini


They go on a bear hunt, and there’s a big forest.

They stumble, trip, stumble, trip.

Then they go out the garden.

By Jasmine



Daddy bear and mummy bear go to work.

Daddy scared Goldilocks.

Goldilocks run away.

By Connor