Intra-School Multi-Skills Competition

At the end of the Autumn term the year 6 leaders for the multi skills, dance mat and yoga clubs asked if they could run a competition. They did a fantastic job of planning, setting up, running, scoring and photographing the event by themselves. Well done to all of them.

Here is the report written by Olivia.

We started the fun-packed day with Olivia, Breanne and Emily telling KS1 what to do. Hopi, Utina, Zonta and Wappo tribes were all getting stuck in and everyone was having fun. Emily was helping Wappo tribe and the children were all listening and soon scored a huge amount of points.

At this point Zonta was winning by 32 points. The prize for your tribe winning was an amazing 2 achievement points! Breanne was taking great photos and everyone was really excited to hear the results.

Emily, Olivia and Breanna stood on the stage and every tribe sat down patiently. Breanne announced the winners were……..Utina with an outstanding 39 points! In second place was Zonta, third was Hopi and last but not least Wappo was fourth!

All of Utina were given a shiny medal for their teamwork, outstanding work and for winning the competition. Breanne took a photo of the brilliant tribe. It was the end of the day and everyone was ready to go home and the excitement ended.


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