Nursery Term 2 Express Event

It was great to welcome our families into the nursery at the end of term 2 to share some of our learning from the term and to unveil our newly refurbished classroom reading area.

We were very pleased to present all of our families with a copy of our “Woodland stories” book. This was put together over the course of the term and contained “Helicopter” stories from the children in Cherry class and Oak class alongside photographs of the children exploring in the woodland area and some artwork they had produced. a copy of the book can be found in the main entrance area.

During the session we shared some books together over a drink and a biscuit. We also asked our families to create a “Story tree” by scribing the children’s stories into some mini books which were hung onto a tree.

Thank you to those families that came in and joined us.


DSCF3261                            DSCF3262                                                               DSCF3263