Tribes nominate Charities

As part of our term 3 tribal challenge, we have asked the children to decide (as a tribe) which charity they would like to support.  The challenge will be around putting together a fundraising event with the proceeds being sent to the nominated charity.

The nominated charities are as follows with the children’s reasons for their choices also noted:

Hopi – British Heart Foundation.  “To help prevent illness through heart disease as lots of children in the tribe have family members affected by heart trouble.”

Zonta – Breast Cancer Awareness.  “..because my Auntie died from it.” (Alex, year 5)

Wappo – Cancer Research UK.  “We are supporting this charity because lots of people die from cancer each year and we want doctors to find a cure.”

Utina – RSPCA.  “To help look after animals and pets who need new homes and care!”