Safer Internet Day 2015


Mrs George was back (for one day only!) and delivering assemblies like she has never been away!

Today is Safer Internet Day, all children, from year 1-6, have taken part in an informative assembly providing all children with the knowledge of how to stay when communicating electronically.  With years 5 and 6 using more apps (including Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat) than ever before it is a sign of the times and they need to be aware of the many positives and potential dangers of using them.

Here’s how to be SMART online;

Safe                        Keep your personal information safe.

Meet                      Friends made online are strangers; meeting them can be dangerous.

Accepting             Accepting files can be dangerous. If unsure, ask an adult!

Reliable                Not everyone or everything online is reliable or trustworthy.

Tell                        Always tell an adult if something online upsets or worries you.