“Where are our pens and pencils Mrs Legg?”

Friday 20th March was NO PENS day!

We had to complete our learning without pens or pencils.  Mrs Legg organised some creative activities for us for the day.

First we learnt about the partial eclipse, we watched it happen on the webcam and went outside to experience the atmosphere. It was a bit gloomy and quite chilly!

After that we created our own carnival food, we used tissue paper and other materials to make our foods, keep an eye out for them on our display board.

As our topic theme was celebrations, we created an Easter scene inspired by  Henri Matisse. We cut the shapes we needed without using pencils to draw them first! Then we had to stick them in the correct place to create our picture.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


We really enjoyed NO PENS day!