30th November 2015

A very hungry alien…

On Friday morning Willow Class ventured into the woodlands to see whether the ‘missing alien’ had eaten the packed lunch we left him.  Not only did we find that he had eaten all the food, he also left us a letter in response to the letter we left him.  He told us that he was travelling in his Continue reading

Dragons’ Den

On Friday Maple Class worked in teams to create a sales pitch for their space buggy. We then presented our ideas in our own version of Dragons’ Den. The designs were fantastic and had many special features including rainbow power, comfy beds and star wallpaper!  

Alien Feast!

Willow Class ventured into the woodlands this afternoon to leave a letter and some food out for our missing alien.  We are all hoping he enjoys the goodies left for him and are waiting in anticipation for a reply to our letter.  We will keep you all updated with any developments…