ECO Council helping the wildlife!


Today the ECO Councillors from year 1, 2, 3 and 5, helped create a hedgehog house for our woodland area.

Firstly the children were set the challenge to collect leaves, so we could use them to camouflage the house.

We used a washing up bowl as the shell of the house, Mr Wriggley cut a door and fitted a chimney pipe for us.

We covered the upside down bowl with moss, then Mrs Legg carefully covered the bowl with chicken wire. We then poked more moss through the chicken wire so all the bowl was covered. Our house is now waterproof and warm, our next job was to camouflage the house, so we used the collected leaves and poked them through the chicken wire.

Fantastic work from all the children, it looks amazing!







As Year 4 and 6 ECO Councillors were at the swimming pool today, they will be creating a sign for the Woodland area to make us aware of where the house is going to be.

Watch this space!