Sprinkle Star is visiting Nursery

Cherry class has a very special visitor this week, Santa has sent one of his helper Elves!

We all had a close look at our visitor as he has magical Christmas powers and we wanted him to know who we are!





After we had passed him around we needed to give him a name. We all thought of some lovely christmassy names but we settled with Sprinkle Star!

Sprinkle Star perches in our class Christmas tree during the day to make sure we are playing with our friends and being kind and friendly, then he gives Santa a call to let him know!

We have noticed some strange photos appearing of Sprinkle Star…… I think he’s a little mischievous!

image Using our christmas art supplies!

imageTinkering with tinsel!!

Sprinkle Star what will you get upto next, you cheeky elf!