Young Voices Sing-Up!

What a tremendous day the children and staff had at the O2 Arena on Monday with our Young Voices Choir. After what seemed like a mountain climb, we managed to find our seats way up high in the Arena and the view from here was fantastic! The children practised the songs they had learnt throughout the afternoon alongside 7000+ other children from a host of primary schools. Then, at 19.15, the show began (with all our wonderful parents supporting, waving their green glow sticks across the other side of the Arena!). The show was immense; we were treated to some amazing ‘beat boxing’, rock anthems, dance and of course some brilliant singing from the choir! We were all so proud of the children’s singing and I know they could be heard throughout the O2! Thank you to all the children whose voices and behaviour were exemplary! Thank you to the staff (especially Mrs Watson) for their support on the day and also to the parents who came and witnessed a remarkable show; one that I trust everyone will remember for many years to come.

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