French Club’s Food Taster Session

We have been learning the vocabulary to ask for food and drink items, remembering to include our manners. French Club were able to practise as we were fortunate to taste some French foods this week.

We began by trying breakfast breads and pastries. Then, we took time to express our favourites. I was surprised that not all preferred the chocolate option.

Afterwards, we had the opportunity to sample several types of cheese, including camembert, brie and compte. This was coupled with baguette and an artisan boule. We were not all fans of the stronger tastes but, even so, the goats cheese proved more popular than I thought.

Finally, we were treated to desserts. The fromage frais was widely received and most of us were adventurous enough to taste the tarte aux pommes with crème fraiche.

I’m not sure how much room was left in everyone’s tummies for tea!