Birch class superstars!

Birch class have been working hard on their resilience since the start of the year; this has been particularly relevant on the daily mile…

On day 1 of term 1, seven children in the class completed the daily mile in under 15 minutes.  Today, all 30 children were in class.  ALL thirty children completed the daily mile in less than 15 minutes (we had 45 seconds to spare!).

Beyond proud of you Birch class – not just because of your determination, resilience and fitness but just as much because all we could hear for 15 minutes was supportive cheers and shouts of encouragement.  I lost count of the high fives and children running in pairs to encourage their classmates to keep going.  Let’s keep it up!

Superstars!!  Mrs Melrose and I are very, very proud of you all.