Catch-up Funding Strategy

Kemsley Primary Academy is a richly diverse, multi-cultural one-form entry school that has a mixed demographic, with around 21% of its pupils eligible for pupil premium, 17% identified with having special educational needs, with 25 out of 36 pupils identified as having ‘Speech, Language and Communication needs’. A further 14% of our pupils (30/210) are EAL.  Majority of pupils join the school from lower than expected starting points but make good or better progress and most catch up to meet age-expected expectations. Barriers to learning largely stem from difficulties in Speech and Language and since lockdown, the school has seen a tremendous increase in referrals, especially in the youngest year groups. In addition to this, initial baseline assessments have revealed that pupils have returned with large gaps in their knowledge, particularly in Reading, Writing and Maths – which was to be expected even with around 70% participation in virtual learning throughout lockdown. This lost learning and required support in Speech and Language must also be addressed, whilst ensuring the pupils’ wellbeing is well supported and provided for through additional PSHE lessons and interventions, that are precisely targeted to help the children to manage their emotions and anxieties, during what is a very unprecedented time. Finally, it is crucial that we provide educational and digital support for our families to ensure that are well prepared for virtual learning and supported throughout another potential lockdown.

Please find attached on the right-hand side Kemsley Primary Academy’s Catch-Up Strategy: