Yr 5 genetics survey

After finding out about different genetic characteristics last week, this week Birch class surveyed the class to see who did and didn’t have each characteristic. They then used this data to create bar charts. We found the most common characteristic was tongue rolling and the least common was having a cleft chin.

Year 5 Victorian Slums

Year 5 worked incredibly hard today in DT when making Victorian slums from junk modelling materials. Last week in history we found out all about slums and what they were like. Today the models made even included outside toilets, washing lines and water pumps. A big thank you to everyone that sent in their recycled materials, DT Continue reading

Year 5 at Kent Life

  Year 5 had a fantastic day today at Kent Life taking part in a Victorian day. We got to take part in a Victorian lesson –  complete with chalk slates, learnt about jobs for children, made rag rugs, had a go at some first aid with Florence Nightingale and even had time to have Continue reading