Year 6 Class

Day of the Dead!

This afternoon the children in Year 6 researched the Mexican festival ‘The Day of the Dead’. The children were then given the freedom to decide how they wanted to present their findings.

BSW in Sycamore Class

As part of science week, Year 6 have been learning about the heart and the function of each part of the heart. We then worked together to dissect pig hearts. The children were able to identify the aorta, left and right ventricle and the left and right atrium.

Science in Year 6!

Science in Year 6! To start science week off, the children in Year 6 carried out an investigation on how germs spread. Children wiped their hands over a slice of bread, some of the children had unwashed hands, some washed with just water, some used hand gel and some washed with soap and water. We Continue reading

PSHE in Sycamore Class.

Yesterday afternoon we looked at this powerful image.  The children discussed what that thought was happening in the picture.  This generated some very grown up discussions and some amazing emotive language.  All the children were incredibly touched to learn the image is of a doctor who has worked for over 260 days without a break.  Continue reading