Astronomy Day

Year 5 spent some time learning about the International Space Station and how astronauts live on the station, such as how they go to the toilet in no gravity. They have spent some time designing new rooms to be added by NASA.

Aztec Art in Year 6

This week Year 6 started their Aztec Art work. The children drew Aztec faces with pencil then went over their pencil lines with PVA glue. Once the glue dried they then painted over their designs with black paint. Next week we will add gold and silver paint to me them look more authentic, creating the Continue reading

Diary Entries in Year 6.

This week in literacy the children have been working towards writing an independent diary entry. At the beginning of the week they looked at parts of the text ‘Holes’ by Stanley Yelnats again. They retrieved key information and vocabulary to help them write from the point of view of Stanley on the evening after digging Continue reading