Year 2

Sports Day

Yesterday, year 2 had their sports day. The children really enjoyed themselves and took part in lots of events such as, balancing a bean bag on their head and seeing how far they could throw a frisbee.


This term year 2’s topic is Beachcombers. I have attached some pictures of our wonderful topic displays. The children and Mrs Woolley have worked incredibly hard on these amazing creations.

VE Day

Today year 2 had great fun celebrating the anniversary of VE day. We made hats and flags and then had a little party outside.

Science Club

This afternoon, some children in year 2 took part in science club. We discovered air was made up of three gases oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. We created scientific models of oxygen and carbon dioxide using straws and play dough. Next, we learnt that some chemical reactions produce gases. We mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of Continue reading


Last Monday, Maple class had a fantastic day. In the morning, we went on a bug hunt in the playground and used a key to find out the name of each insect. Then in the afternoon, we painted some amazing pictures of mini-beasts.

Stick insects

This term year 2’s topic is Wriggle and Crawl, during which we will be investigating the growth and development of many different insects. I would like to introduce the two newest members of Maple Class – Lilly and Leafalina. They are Macleays Spectre stick insects, which originate from Australia. They are only a couple of Continue reading

Houses in 1666

This week in topic we have been looking at houses from 1666. We discussed what they were made from and why this caused fire to spread quickly.