Year 5

Science Week Activities

Boat Building This week in Year 5 we have been working on building boats. The children have been thinking about what floats, and how they can carry a weight, as well as adding some style for extra points. We will be testing how well they float later today.


Year 5 have created a new display for our classroom, which celebrates diversity. We each decorated our own fish with something that makes us unique, for example being able to speak Polish or being good at fishing.


Year 5 have worked incredibly hard to create a poem about Henry VIII’s six wives. Their main focus was to include examples of effective language to engage and interest the reader.

Dover Castle

Yesterday, year 5 and 6 visited Dover Castle as part of our topic ‘A Child’s War’. We went into the tunnels which were used to co-ordinate the evacuation of Dunkirk. We had to crack a series of codes and cyphers to identify the name of a spy. We also had a tour of the tunnels Continue reading